ProSet XT1 – The Lightweight (76001-00001)

Compact, lightweight and reliable pneumatic/hydraulic power tool, ideal for production line environments.

The ProSet XT1 is among the highest force-to-weight ratio blind riveting tools in the industry.

Capacity: 3/32″ – 5/32″ | Stroke: 0.7″ | Pulling Force: 1461 lbf

ProSet XT1 Manual | ProSet XT1-XT2 Nose Equipment


ProSet XT2 – The Flexible (76002-00001)

Designed specifically to set a wide range of breakstem rivets

Innovative ergonomic design for maximum user efficiency and comfort.

Capacity: 1/8″ – 3/16″ | Stroke: 0.79″ | Pulling Force: 2001 lbf

ProSet XT2 Manual | ProSet XT1-XT2 Nose Equipment


ProSet XT3 – The High Performer (76003-00001)

Extremely large stroke of 26 mm allows the placement of longer rivets like Monobolt and Interlock in one set.

The ProSet XT3 can be used in a variety of applications, setting a large range of breakstem rivets, lockbolts and sealing plug sizes.

Capacity: 5/32″ – 1/4″ | Stroke: 1.02″ | Pulling Force: 3822 lbf

ProSet XT3 Manual | ProSet XT3-XT4 Nose Equipment


ProSet XT4 – The Powerful (76004-00001)

The ProSet XT4 is the strongest tool of the ProSet family.

Beside structural breakstem rivets, the high capacity of the XT4 also allows to install Avdelok, Maxlok and Avtainer lockbolts.

The tool features an ultra-high tensile piston rod for maximum tool life and a hydraulic damping for smooth operation.

Capacity: 5/32″ – 1/4″ | Stroke: 0.71″ | Pulling Force: 5193 lbf

ProSet XT4 Manual | ProSet XT3-XT4 Nose Equipment


PB3400 – Battery Tool for Structural Blind Rivets

 High speed cordless power tool with strength and endurance.

 Battery capable of placing up to 1,000 – 1/4″ structural blind rivets per charge.

 Capacity: 3/16″– 1/4″  |  Piston stroke: 1.181”  |  Pulling force: 4,047 lbf

20V MAX XR Li-Ion 2.0Ah or 20V MAX XR Li-Ion 4.0Ah.

PB3400 Brochure  |  PB3400 Manual | PB3400 Accessories


PB2500 – Cordless Blind Rivet Tool

High capacity, compact and lightweight, with lithium ion battery.

 Capacity: 3/32″ – 3/16″ (2.4 – 4.8mm) diameter steel rivets.

 18v Li-Ion battery – charges in 30 minutes – Set up to 600 steel rivets per charge.

 Rivet holding mechanism – rivets won’t fall out

PB2500 Brochure |  PB2500 Manual



Compact, lightweight and reliable pneumatic/hydraulic rivet tool.

Quick disconnect front-end assembly & stem collection system.

Energy saving On/Off, left or right swivel air fitting.

Capacity: 3/32″ – 5/32″ | Stroke: 0.71″ | Pulling Force: 1090 lbf

PROSET1600 Brochure  |  PROSET1600 Manual



Reliable pneumatic/hydraulic rivet tool.

Quick disconnect front-end assembly & stem collection system.

Energy saving On/Off, left or right swivel air fitting.

Capacity: 1/8″ – 3/16″ | Stroke: 0.71″ | Pulling Force: 2110 lbf

PROSET2500 Brochure  |  PROSET2500 Manual



High capacity pneumatic/hydraulic rivet tool.

Quick disconnect front-end assembly & stem collection system.

Energy saving On/Off, left or right swivel air fitting.

Capacity: 5/32″ – 1/4″ | Stroke: 1.02″ | Pulling Force: 4160 lbf

PROSET3400 Brochure  |  PROSET3400 Manual


PRG510A / MCS510A

Heavy duty pneumatic riveting tool for setting up to 3/16″ (4.8mm) rivets.

Available in standard style with deflector (PRG) or equipped with a Mandrel Collection System (MCS)

Capacity: 3/32″ – 3/16″ Aluminum Rivets | Stroke: .625″ | Pulling Force: 1000 lbf

PRG510A & PRG540 Brochure  |  PRG510A Manual


PRG540 / MCS540

Robust, heavy duty pneumatic riveting tool for setting up to 1/4″ (6.4) rivets.

Available in standard style with deflector (PRG) or equipped with a Mandrel Collection System (MCS)

Capacity: 1/8″ – 1/4″ | Stroke: 0.685″ | Pulling Force: 3000 lbf

PRG510A & PRG540 Brochure  |  PRG540 Manual


PRT5250A / MCS5250

In-Line Pneumatic-Hydraulic rivet tool design for suspension and riveting in a vertical plane.

Capacity: 3/32″ – 3/16″ | Stroke: 0.625″ | Pulling Force: 1900 lbf

MCS5250 / MCS5000 Brochure  |  PRT5250 Manual


PROSERT XTN20 – New Hydro-Pneumatic Blind Rivet Nut Tool

High speed power tool with flexible pull-to-stroke & pull-to-force setting.

Tool free Stroke/Pressure adjustment and Mandrel change

Only 3.5 lb (M6 equipped)

Less than 1.5 sec. per complete setting

PROSERT XTN20 Brochure  |  PROSERT XTN20 – Manual



Hydro-Pneumatic Tool for Threaded Inserts

Lightweight and ergonomically designed

Spin-Pull technology with one-step trigger

Tool can be suspended or hand-held

74200 Brochure  |  74200 Manual



Hydro-Pneumatic Tool specific for Versa-Nut Blind Threaded Inserts

Robust, ergonomic, lightweight placing head

Split tool

High placement speed

74405 Brochure  |  74405 Manual


800 Series Spin-Spin Insert Tool

Pneumatic Spin-Spin threaded insert tool 

Quick adapter change for different thread sizes

Designed for thin-wall & flush threaded inserts

800 Brochure


Genisis – 7537

Lightweight, hydro-pneumatic rivet tool with integrated intensifier places the whole range of speed fasteners

Average cycle time of approx. 1 second increases productivity

Specially toughened plastic body and heavy duty rubber base increase the impact resistance and durability

Ease of maintenance due to integral cycle counter

7537 Brochure 7537 Manual



Hydro-pneumatic Hand Tool for Speed Fasteners

High capacity, magazine fed fasteners with an average cycle time of less than 2 seconds

 Lightweight construction with low actuation recoil and long life, self priming intensifier

 Available with in-line handle or bottom hose configuration

 7530 Brochure  |  7530 Manual



Hydro-pneumatic hand tool for Lockbolts

Lightweight Genesis pneumatic trigger operation

73200 Brochure  |  73200 Manual


G2LB – 71255

Hydro-pneumatic tool for Lockbolts

Integrated cycle counter indicates accurate service intervals

Can also place a wide range of breakstem rivets with optional equipment

71255 Brochure  |  G2LB-71255 Manual



Hydro-pneumatic split tool for Lockbolts and Monobolt rivets

Places a wide range of fasteners in one stroke

High placement speed can offer labour cost savings and increase assembly capacity

Can be fitted with a collar cropper to remove installed Avdelok lockbolts

7287 Brochure  |  7287 Manual



POP Avdel lockbolt systems are designed for high strength, secure assembly.

Ideal solution where spot welding is not practical and other methods are costly, time consuming or not possible

Robust and highly durable installation tools

High speed installation of fasteners

AV / Enerpac Brochure  |  AV50 Manual / AV30 Manual / AV15 Manual / AV10 Manual




A specialized selection of reliable, durable and versatile high-pressure hydraulic pumps to power AV Hydro-Electric Power Tools

Powerful electric motor provides high power-to weight ratio and excellent low-voltage operating characteristics

Full sight oil level glass & durable steel reservoir

AV / Enerpac Brochure  |


Front End Accessories

Very compact to Heavy duty 90° corner heads for POP rivet tools

Reduced diameter and extended length front end kit

POP Tool Accessories



Remote vacuum rivet mandrel collection system

Can hold up to 8500 spent mandrels increasing production line efficiency and promoting easy removal and recycling

Compatible with all pneumatic POP tools (adapter kits required)

MCS5250 / MCS5000 Brochure  |  MCS5000 Manual


Rivet Presenter

Rotary bowl rivet feeding system. The Rivet Presenter offers single-handed, high-speed rivet feeding and setting.

For use with 1/8″-3/16″ (3.2 mm-4.8 mm) rivets

Feeder bowl capacity up to 1000 rivets and refills in seconds.

Single-handed operation leaves one hand free for other operations. Manual rivet feeding is eliminated enabling a white glove environment.

Rivet Presenter Brochure  |  Rivet Presenter Manual


Nosepieces & Jaws

POP tool Nosepiece & Jaw selection guide


POP Nosepieces & Jaws | ProSet XT1-XT2 Nosepiece Equipment | ProSet XT3-XT4




Professional Hand Plier Rivet Tool

Rivet retaining handle design for one-handed riveting

Supplied with nosepieces for 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″ and 3/16″ rivets.

PS15/25/45 Brochure  |  PS15-CE Manual




Lazy Tong Rivet Tool

Robust aluminum and steel construction

Supplied with nosepieces for 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″ and 1/4″ rivets.

PS15/25/45 Brochure  |  PS25 Manual



Heavy Duty Lever Rivet Tool

Two position telescopic levers extend to maximize leverage and pulling force

Integral removable mandrel collector

Supplied with nosepieces for 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″ and 1/4″ rivets

PS15/25/45 Brochure  |  PS45 Manual



Professional – Industrial Glue Gun – 120V / 220W

Fixed operating temperature: 195’C

Glue stick tolerance: 11.0 – 11.5mm

Special, non breakable handle design to reduce muscle fatigue

Stoke adjustor screw & illuminated ON/OFF switch


TG-4 – Bostik

Provides 3-5 lbs. per hour of adhesive output for more heavy duty industrial applications.

Powered by 3 solid state PTC heating elements.

In terms of “performance per dollar,” the TG-4 remains an industry standard.

Stick Diameter: 7/16″ – 1/2″  |  Output (lb./hr.): 3 – 5

Volts/Watts: 120V – 100W




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